D300 lens AF fine tuning is FANTASTIC!!!!!

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Re: The real proof is if it improves your real worlds shots!

It will affect all focal lengths, which tends to be a problem with zooms, and more so with zooms with extended ranges. You will have to test for yourself to see if your lens benefits at one end to the detriment of another.

Worst case, in my opinion, would be a lens that needs +20 at one end and -20 at the other.

You may also factor in how you use the lens. If you shoot a lot at 200, and when shooting at 18 stop down a lot (or vice-versa), then it may make sense to tune mostly for the most-used end, while being aware of compromises it makes on the other end. Or perhaps you tune for the long end, and simply turn off the feature when not zoomed all the way.

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