equals a 1.6 crop of a 5DII the pixelsamount of a 30D?

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equals a 1.6 crop of a 5DII the pixelsamount of a 30D?


At this moment I own a 30D and I want to upgrade. The 50D is tempting, but the 5DII also. I like the full frame, and for the purpose I need the camera, untill now the 8,2 MP of the 30D has been sufficient.

When I go for the full frame, I'm going to miss my crop vice versa.

So I was wandering. The sensorsize of the 5DII is: 36x24 mm = 864 sq.mm
the sensorsize of the 30D is : 22,5 x15 = 337,5
864/337,5 =2.56
21 MP / 2.56 =8,2 mp

If the above is correct I can make a crop on a 5DII with the same size as if I were shooting the 30D and still have 8,2 Mp.

Is this correct.

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