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Re: No such thing...

Hi Sean,

Sean Nelson wrote:

hbx2004 wrote:

The point is:
AP-S cameras do crop (by factor), thus we can apply "focal length
P&S cameras don't crop -we use focal length (35mm) equivalence for
easier understanding only.

What about a 4/3 camera? It has a sensor which is about half the
diagonal of a full 35mm frame. It's interchangeable lenses are
designed specifically to cover the smaller sensor size. Does it

To avoid cropping (and size/weight/cost, of course), new 4/3 lenses were designed for 4/3 sensor -so why should they deliver cropped result? Cropped, compared to what?

But, we use to say, that 4/3 lens has 35mm equivalence factor 2.0 -so we know, for example, 14mm on 4/3 has the same view angle as 28mm lens on 35mm camera.

AFAIK, "crop factor" term can only be used for APS-C cameras -because they can use FF lenses (on smaller than FF sensor).

This leads me to another question... New Panasonic G1 is micro4/3, where normal 4/3 lenses can be used via adapter. What are the consequences? Nobody mentioned any...

I'll take a look in Panny forum..

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