Nikon D3 - Terrible Flash White Balance

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Nikon D3 - Terrible Flash White Balance

I am a pro based in England shooting Press, PR and Corporate photography. I have recently switched from Canon to Nikon and the D3.

I dip in and out of this site from time to time and wondered if anyone else has this problem when shooting with flash.
The problem is as follows;

If I take a shot using Manual on the camera and Auto WB 250th @ f8 the shot is great but when I switch on the SB flash for some fill-in the exact same picture has a severe WB colour shift into Yellow - We are not talking about a little 'Warmer' we are talking Jaundice!
Do you have this problem? If so how do you deal with it?

I am in talks with Nikon Pro Support in the UK but all they have said is they were not aware of the problem until I raised it with them. I find this hard to believe. They have suggested using the filters with the SB900 but that does not help.

Ok, here's the rub... If I put on my Canon 550EX on manual on the D3 and shoot the same picture the WB is perfect! The answer is simple, have an option to switch off whatever the flash/body is doing within the menu options? The problem I have is that the WB without flash is great but when you put the SB flashgun on it seems to loose the plot!

I think this is a real issue and Nikon should deal with it quickly with a Firmware update. I have thought about returning the SB units and buying the Metz 58 but I assume that the flash gun will still talk to the body and I will get the same results? And I do use the CLS and not sure the Metz will fit into the off camera flash system.

Please don't start telling me that I should be using Manual WB I do use manual WB but I find them all on the warm side even if I alter the colour bias within settings. I also use the Preset setting but this is not a quick or fool proof method and the type of work I shoot means you have to work very fast in many different lights.
I look forward to reading your posts.
Warm regards

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