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Re: No such thing...

Sean Nelson wrote:

hbx2004 wrote:

The point is:
AP-S cameras do crop (by factor), thus we can apply "focal length
P&S cameras don't crop -we use focal length (35mm) equivalence for
easier understanding only.

What about a 4/3 camera? It has a sensor which is about half the
diagonal of a full 35mm frame. It's interchangeable lenses are
designed specifically to cover the smaller sensor size. Does it

This is a very controversial question on the Olympus SLR Forum, they argue that 4/3 lenses were designed with 4/3 sensor in mind from the very beginning. Not like full frame lenses used on APS-C sensor of other brands.

Anyway whether you call the subject of this thread, crop factors, or focal length conversion factor, I agree with you, that it applies to all formats regardless of whether the lens was originally intended or not intended for the sensor in question. Clearly substituting the expression "crop factor" with " focal length conversion factor" or "focal length multiplier", makes the calculations we are talking about applicable to all cameras/formats.

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