Canon have lost me . . .

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So who is to be blamed

Loren3 wrote:

Here's a link that showed up in my box today:,2817,2330676,00.asp

It's starts out on the right foot, but then sort of drops the whole
issue over over-megapixeling and goes on to even recommend a 13
megapixel compact. Doh!

So who is to be blamed in this mega pixels race?

The entire PCMag article does not even mention one bit about CCD size or pixel density and it even covers products announced in 2007, or 2 generations ago.

Why blame the camera manufacturer when consumers don's ask for it. Canon & a lot of other brands do not even make their own CCD, they buy them from CCD manufacturers like Sony. Instead, we should be complaining to CCD makers to stop cramping so many pixels into those tiny pinhead size. At the same time,. media should start to educate consumers what pixel density is, & its effectiveness in the final output. Imagine what it will be like in a few years time if all current DC articles starts with CCD size in the first paragraph. Its all about awareness.

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