Crop Factors

Started Sep 20, 2008 | Discussions thread
Guerito Veteran Member • Posts: 4,874
Re: No such thing...

Sean Nelson wrote:

My question to you would be this: If a P&S camera has a sensor 5X
smaller than a DSLR, and if you're unwilling to describe this camera
as having a "5X crop factor", then what term would you use to
describe it?

I would describe it as having a 35mm focal length equivalent of X. I wouldn't describe a Canon 5D as having a crop factor any more than I would a Pentax 645 or an 8x10 sheet camera if they are using the lenses designed for their native sensor/film size because then there would not be any magnification/crop factor. Since a compact digicam has a lens designed for its specific sensor size, there is no crop factor because nothing is being cropped.

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