Crop Factors

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Sean Nelson
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Re: No such thing...

Guerito wrote:

Again, you are confusing terms.

I'm afraid I understand exactly what the terms are being used for. I quote again from the Wikipedia article:

"Smaller, non-DSLR, consumer cameras, typically referred to as point-and-shoot cameras, can also be characterized as having a crop factor or FLM relative to 35 mm format, even though they do not use interchangeable lenses or lenses designed for a different format. For example, the so-called "1/1.8-inch" format with a 9 mm sensor diagonal has a crop factor of almost 5 relative to the 43.3 mm diagonal of 35 mm film. Therefore, these cameras are equipped with lenses that are about one-fifth of the focal lengths that would be typical on a 35 mm point-and-shoot film camera...."

My question to you would be this: If a P&S camera has a sensor 5X smaller than a DSLR, and if you're unwilling to describe this camera as having a "5X crop factor", then what term would you use to describe it?

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