Crop Factors

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Re: No such thing...

Again, you are confusing terms. The term "crop factor" refers to the relationship of the native focal length of the lens being used to that of the sensor/film size. If I were able to remove the lens from say a G9 and replace it with a 100mm lens designed for a larger sensor like the 5D, then you would have a crop factor because only a portion of the image circle is being used (cropped). In other words, the focal length of the lens would still be 100mm, but the image would appear larger because of the focal length magnification (crop factor).

Since the G9 uses a lens designed for its particular sensor size, there is nothing being cropped (magnified), the focal length of the lens is a true 7.4-44.4mm, however one can still compute a 35mm focal length equivalent as being 35-210mm.

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