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Re: A.) and B.) . . .

thebard37 wrote:

. . . can comfortably overlap, but it takes development.

This is the Swiss Army Knife approach to design, and one I disagree with. The problem comes when you start compromising one target use to serve another. You can't be all things to all people. I'm a firm believer in that you must design to a specific target. If others see potential in that and pick it up and live with the compromises, great, that means you have another nearby target you can produce a refinement for. But the minute you make one single compromise to your original target, you open up additional points of failure.

1.) It looks out of place on the pudgy little G1 that appears
needlessly large (my hunch is that Panny are playing it safe and
giving consumers a look at a camera that feels and appears like a
DSLR when it is something potentially better for a lot of tasks.

Oh I hate those words: "playing it safe." Playing it safe doesn't win. I can cite way too many examples of that. And it opens up too many ways that competitors can hit you. I'm a firm believer in the "do it right" approach to design. I'd rather have 1000 potential customers who think my product is spot on than 10,000 potential customers who think my product is almost there. No one can take those 1000 customers away from me very easily, but anyone can take those 10,000 customers away.

another camera (something like a L/M CL with the VF offset on the
right part of the camera?? Maybe something even smaller with hotshoe
protocols to add on a 35mm sized EVF when it is needed?

The question is this: the person who would appreciate a very high quality, near shirt pocket size camera wants what? Well, a pocket Leica, basically. Not a smaller DSLR. So, yes, I think there's still an open product niche that the G1 isn't going to nail.

Instead it debuts as something like a superzoom with the most vanilla
lens imaginable

Yep. That's one design decision that has me scratching my head and thinking "they've just decided to downsize the consumer DSLR." Again, there may be a market for a downsized DSLR, but it's not the camera I personally want, and I don't think it's a defendable market long-term as there are no barriers to keep others from doing the same thing. (Before someone protests, the barrier for high-quality compact is this: market size. First there with the right product wins the majority of the users.)

It will sell, but it won't find its way into the bag of many advanced
amateurs who want a discreet camera to operate beside their

I'm of a mixed bag on that. The foldable LCD makes it a discreet camera, and if I can turn off the inevitable beeping sounds, it can be very discreet. That's one of the things that I like to the approach.

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