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Mfr Literature and Sales Pitch Do Matter!

Of course, you are correct. However, that was not my point when I said that the camera manufacturer's standard literature (and sales personnel's "pitch") were not entirely legit. If I am looking at a small sensor point and shoot camera at the local retailer, the sales rep usually points out that the 28-210mm zoom on the camera has a great wide angle FOV. However, that is not true. If the "crop" factor for that particular lens happens to be "5", the effective FOV for that camera on the "wide" end is really a full frame equivalent of 140mm. A 140mm lens is hardly a "wide angle" lens. I can't believe how many people I've met who have bought the point and shoot with the purported wide angle lens and had no idea whatsoever that the "effective" or more appropriately "apparent" fov is 140mm. To me....that's misleading and it falls squarely on the shoulders of the manufacturers and their retail representatives to point this out. User fairly new to digital photo would not normally be expected to have researched this issue on their own. They wouldn't even suspect that it is an issue.
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