Crop Factors

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Re: Crop Factors

Thank you for answering my question (as clumsy as it was!). What I was trying to determine is if a crop factor of, say, 5 on a small sensor point and shoot should be used to determine the "equivalent" or "apparent" focal length FOV relative to a 35mm film camera just as it does on dSLR's. In other words, if a point and shoot camera lens is rated 28mm-210mm 35mm Film Camera Equivalent, would we still use the crop factor (as an example: '5') times the focal length to determine the "equivalent" FOV. i.e. 28mm x 5 = 140mm. Thus letting us know that if we were using a 35mm film camera in this situation we would have to be using a 140mm lens. Or, the inverse, to obtain the FOV of a 140mm lens on a full frame camera we would need to use a 28mm lens selection on the point and shoot.

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