Active Dlighting.............. on D700....

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Re: Sorry for my late reply naqqaf...

lupin_le_vorace wrote:

It depends. Most of the time D-Lighting can be helpful when there's
strong contrast of luminosity.

Let's say you want to shoot a dark alley but you want to keep the
luminosity of the blue sky. The thing to do in such situation would
be to set your exposure according to the sky and turn on D-Lighting.

Another example: you are in a dark forest and you want to make sure
to preserve (some of) the details of the trees without overexposing
your sky. The same technique would prevail here.

That this only if you want to save some of the details in the shadow
areas. On the other hand if you want to do a silhouette shot, then
D-Lighting should be turned-off.

A little but important advice, when using D-Lighting make sure that
your ISO is set to a minimum. If not D-Lighting will make the noise
very visible.

thanks alot..
that makes since now... I think I can understand what u r saying..
yes sir.. I wil try that one aswell..

I did not like the noise on my shots lastnight.... but that might be cuz of the D-lighting on..
I might go shooting 2night.. and I will try that..

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