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EVIL Nikon

Hi there

This week I saw the Pana G1 and the mFT mount, and it gave me an idea. Probably a weird one.

What about to do the same thing with the Nikon F mount, but a little bit

  • Keep the same sensor APS size

  • Keep the same F mount (no adapter to mount a Nikon F lens on the Nikon EVIL)

  • Remove the mirror

  • Reduce the flange back distance that the APS size sensor captures the full frame


See a quick made draw:

Then what happened?
First question, does it work?

Second question, is it possible to reduce the flange back enough thath the APS sensor capture the full frame spectre? Does it depend of each lens?

What are the impacts on the current Nikon F lenses? A 50mm is still a 50mm, no more 1.5 crop. Does it change the aperture, maybe to a faster one?

Of course you have to use FX lenses. Or DX lenses with a crop like with
the FX bodies, but it's much less interesting to do that with a APS size

What about the MAP? Doesn't it work? Maybe the minimal distance for the
map will be longer. It's like the opposite of an extension tube.

What about the ISO? Is it better in high ISO?

What do you think?

Just a dream,

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