Crop Factors

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Crop Factors

Sean Nelson wrote

For example, a 150mm lens on a 35mm camera, a 100mm lens on an APS-C camera, and a 20mm lens on a small-sensor camera (with a crop factor of 7.5) will produce images that all look the same (except for depth of field and potential IQ differences due to the lens design and sensor noise levels, etc).


You can’t get more DOF while have the same perspective! More DOF=wider angle of view.

My G9 has crop factor 4.55, which means that at 210mm has more DOF than full-size tele 210, but because, actually this is only a cropped image field of normal 45mm (210/4.55) lens.
And back again, 45mm lens has no tele effect or compression.

Of course, would not see the difference in close distances, but try-it on landscape. The difference is huge!


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