D90 in Hong Kong?

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Re: Congrats Spectra !


I got a little bit better price (maybe just $100 or $200 overall ?) but I had to wait two hours for the camera to arrive in the shop...typical TST !

I spent an hour setting up things like the easy ISO, setting the FN button for focus controls, turning off the red vf light (it lights up everything and not just the focus point and that I find very distracting) and going through the menus. It's very easy to set up I think. The menus are logical and it's easy to get quick access to all the settings that matter to me. I'm very impressed with the user-friendly controls and menus.

The screen is ...WOW. So much better than a D40X. The vf is too. LV is cool (but AF speed in LV is not !) and the video is actually very easy and fun to use. VF blackout time is almost non-existent - it is a very speedy camera; although AF speed is better than the D40x, it is perhaps not as fast as some other cameras I've tried, but I'll need to try this with some people shots to see if it can cope with catching momentary smiles. There are several AF options and knowing which one to use will make a big difference I think.

I took some test shots from my balcony and loaded them into ViewNX. The software is slow on my laptop and I can't say it hit me as being easy to use at all. I think this and the Picture Controls settings is what is going to take a long time to get right.

Overall, I'm very pleased and I think this is a great camera to improve my digital skills with. I hope you guys enjoy yours too ! I'm sure you will

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