Hartblie 35mm Tilt/Shift for K Mount

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Re: Hartblie 35mm Tilt/Shift for K Mount

Hello Dale 108

I would be pleasured if you could answer my question's about your lens.

On my Pentax 28mm shift happens this:

The exposure metering get ony in the non shifted-position of the lens a correct result. If I shift it, the metering results changed and I get an absolutly overexpose picture. So my workflow is - first get the metering at the non shifted position -then fix the metering result - then shifting the lens.

This metering-drifting only happens on my DS (and K20, which I can borrow from time to time) and not with my MX or analog *ist camera.

So, what happens on your lens?

My next question is, have you the feeling, that the sharpness get little less, the more you are shifting?
That happens on my 28mm Pentax shift lens, but it depens, which camera I use.
(DS less more sharpness as the K20 do).

best regards kikivrany

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