P6000 general Thread

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P6000 general Thread


I start this thread to consolidate what has been discussed elsewhere. It may help us to get better overview.

I’m a Nikon addict and the Coolpix P series share the same good handling as SLRs and they are the best. I owned a lot Nikon cameras and gears and know what can be done.

I’m neither a professional photographer nor a good amateur but a good technician witch understands enough from Photography.

I’m a new P6000 owner.
It’s not my first camera and wanted something small enough to keep close to me.

I travel a lot with my bike and naturally got the P6000 with its GPS function that helps me a lot. I can put it in my waterproof outside pocket so it’s easy to take it out and shoot around.

My concern is that this camera was put out to fast so I’m disappointed with its performance.


The AF is slow. I tested it, one stopwatch in the left hand, the P6000 in the other one (not accurate). I tried following: reset autofocus to the closest object and then measures the time to autofocus faraway, then the reverse. Time is measured from the moment I press the shutter until the click sounds.

Result: 1.1 sec. Responsiveness in manual focus mode is not immediate but about a third and seems fast. Prefocus shutter lag time is almost immediate as it should be. The general impression is a normal response time, nothing more.

Image quality:

No big problems outdoors but some pictures seem overexposed. Details, colours and general quality are fine. But from ISO400 and up the image is spayed of tons of little white points. Not a big concern for monitor use, but if you have to crop a little. NRW helps but at cost of time and space > 20MB each.


We cannot say this camera is fast. If there is anything that should be taken now, it’s past… NRW cannot be used in continuous mode (no FPS there !). Even if this function was possible you’ll have to wait the buffer to clear. In my tests the AF is on manual mode.

In NRW : 4.4sec, 0.23 FPS , NRW + Fine : 5.6sec. In JPG (continuous : 1.1sec (first 5 shots) to 2.8sec (6. shot and more) , 0.9 FPS-0.36 FPS

Low light:

Low-light AF is so-so. The AF light helps but you'll need good contrast objects. As you can read my camera suffers from some main problems.

May I ask You if mine is a lemon and should replace it if yours is good ? or ask for a refund ?

Kind regards


PS: I’m a French guy so you’ll maybe have to decipher a little

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