Crop Factors

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Crop Factors

2clueless wrote:

Can anyone tell me how the crop factor is determined on a point and
shoot camera? (Or any digital for that matter!) In other words, I
don't know from reviewing the literature about any given camera how
the crop factor is determined. Unfortunately, manufacturers are not
required to reveal it. (A bit of false and misleading advertising
here, but what can one do?) I appreciate your comments.

Bearing in mind that "crop factor" is just a way to convert a focal length to a field of view, you can deduce what it is if you know the focal length of the camera and the claimed "35mm equivalent field of view".

For example, my Canon A650 has a 7.4-44.4mm lens which Canon claims is "35mm film equivalent 35-210mm" Dividing 35 by 7.4 gives you a crop factor of about 4.7

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