To humbly answer why 24 fps is important in the 5D...

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To humbly answer why 24 fps is important in the 5D...

Sorry if I am repeating something someone else has posted but I wanted to make a post in regards to the 5d movie mode, why it's an important feature and why it should be 24 fps in addition to if not in lieu of 30 fps.

I know that most everyone on this board are photo shooters and a lot don't like the movie feature and are wondering why the "average" photographer, "pro" photographer, or "soccer mom" photographer would ever use or need this.

I think in order to understand the significance of this feature, we may have to rethink who it's targeted at.

I am a motion picture director (panavision, 35mm non anamorphic, HDcam) and I believe the ability to have a DSLR that utiilzes high end lenses and can record at HD is a game changing feature.

My personal belief and instinct tells me you will be seeing actual productions (savy independents at first) being created with these machines. By adding the ability to record moving images to a system that inherently has the ability to use the highest quality of lenses is a phenomenal achievement.

I think that you will find dedicated videographers and cinematographers take up this new tool and create great art with it... I don't think that the "true" targets are soccer moms at all. I think that most people have it wrong. I know that I am thinking about getting the 5D just because it would be a phenomenal tool for location scouts, art directors, set designers, directors, filmmakers, storytellers, documentarians, wedding guys as well... You can take pics AND high quality video...

But that brings us to 24 versus 30 frames per second.

Most people who are not versed in why a movie looks like a movie and not a tv show are unaware that truely the most important difference is the frames per second.

You can shoot with panavision lenses on 35mm film at 30fps and down convert to ntsc and it will look good...but it will not give you the dreamy fantasy like image quality of a movie projected in theatres. (original star wars, braveheart, batman,) will look like a tv an episode of "Friends"...well lit, composed, art directed...but still sitcom like.

Now if you shoot the same way but in 24 WILL get the "movie" look. Same subject shot in two different FPS will DRAMATICALLY change the final product.

The reason for this is the perceived or actually IMperceived impression that the 24fps motion blur gives you compared with the more "real life to your eye" 30 fps. 30fps is the frame rate of tv news broadcasts, daytime soaps, most of your home video cameras and most modern day sitcoms. I believe a few dramas are now being shot 24p to give them the "movie" feel.

For this reason (to me) I think Canon dropped the ball by making a robust camera like the 5d only able to shoot at 30fps. If it's possible to change that through firmware, they will probably get my money before my next project.

Thanks for listening and remember that this was all said from my point of view...and humbly.

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