5DII no Auto-ISO in Manual?!

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Re: 5DII no Auto-ISO in Manual?!

Paavo wrote:

I agree with Moti. The whole point in shooting manual is for the
photographer to be in complete control of the settings. Anything
"auto" means the camera is making a determination about settings,
usually based on metering. I shoot manual because I know what I want
to accomplish and don't want the camera deciding anything for me
because it can't read my mind and know my intent.

That's why it should be a feature that you can choose to use or not use. The Pentax method of a separate TAv mode makes a lot of sense, because I'd hate to have to go into the custom functions or the menu to toggle auto/manual ISO, and I'd only use it with manual exposure, and I probably would not use it in Av- or Tv-pri mode.

That said, I really believe that many people who think they understand what they're doing when they set ISO are fooling themselves to some degree.

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