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Re: Nice hypothesis without empirical implication

ljfinger wrote:

I've compared S5 to S3 (same) S3 to S2 (S3 better by 2/3 of a stop),
50D to 20D (better by 1-2 stops), 40D to 30D (1/3 of a stop better),
various SDs to other compacts, and even 5D to S3IS. It always comes
out about even or the higher pixel count system wins. It NEVER comes
out so that the lower pixel count wins the way some would expect (6MP
better than 12MP by a whole stop).

Is that because you're comparing newer technology to older technology?

I think many people here would want pixel pitch to stay the same, but noise levels to decrease. Although your comparisons show that the progression of higher MP still results in better IQ (s/n ratio and hopefully DR), wouldn't s/n ratio and DR improve even more if MP didn't increase?

I just don't like the trend towards sensors so high in MP that it negatively impacts DR and diffraction. Soon there won't be any benefit of cropping because the pixels themselves will be much worse than MPs of today.

Are my concerns legitimate?

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