Canon have lost me . . .

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Re: Agree 100%

Priaptor wrote:

Canon has yielded to the mass hysteria of pixel count and have
forgotten about making a camera.

The same holds not only for the G10, etc., but for the new super
duper high pixel count FF 5DII.

What a shame.

I agree, it's a shame when a company with decades of CAMERA-making experience is upstaged and out-hustled by a GADGET company. Panasonic has so many more digicams with wideangle and manual controls than Canon it's not even funny. The TZ5 has gotten more clicks on this site this week than ANY of the Canon digicam announcements! It's a great all-around cam, but Canon didn't even bother to make a competitor. Maybe they just figured people would see "10Xzoom" on the SX110IS and not think about the narrower angle of view.

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