I bet my D3 that Nikon will NOT....

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Re: doesn't make economic sense IMO


The answer to that question is simple; Canon still makes and sells the 1DsIII, so there is a market.

If Nikon were to make a camera in that price range and the autofocus doesn't do what the 1DsIII did, I think they could easily have a winner.

Not that I could afford one, or have a need my current crop of DX/FX bodies give me, but I would love to see Nikon take that bold a move.

If they could make a successful MF camera at one end, and a reborn RF at the other, Nikon would own the range. Not marketshare, but there wouldn't be a camera need Nikon couldn't offer a solution for.


glacierpete wrote:

The question is whether there still is a $8000 market. Historically
there was no 35mm film or MF body in this price range. Customers
might have been willing to pay this amount during the introductory
phase of digital.

Early microwaves introduced in 1954 sold for US$2,000 to US$3,000.

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