I Love The Canon 5DII

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Wait and look at the sales figures and who buys it

Toermalijn wrote:

On a third note, most sports photographers won't even look at the
5D-II since the d3 is the camera to beat in that section. Also sony
has a nice camera with their a900.

There are always people screaming for more mp, always when canon
comes out with a new model. Pixels isn't everything for a lot of

Thus far, all the pictures i have seen don't impress me much either.

So, how much pressure would that put on nikon?

Of course lots of people who will buy the 5DII could have been Nikon customers. The existence of the 5DII puts pressure on Nikon to come up with something equivalent or better, at a similar price, even though it does not directly compete with the D700. And, remember, lots of photogs will be happy with an excellent sensor, which it obviously has, in exchange for many of the Nikon features.

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