Canon have lost me . . .

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Canon's first priority is to sell lots of profitable cameras to many people

Like most companies, Canon designs its products to meet the largest audience of buyers. Sophisticated, advanced users will eventually pickup a DSLR (if they haven't alread). Most amatures want small, pocket-sized cameras and really don't care to learn about pixel densities anymore than they want to learn about shutter speeds and F-stops.

On the other hand, Canon's new CMOS (instead of CCD)-based sensor in the SX1 should result in a bit less noise and much faster performance (4 fps vs. 1.1 fps). Agreed, it's no substitute for a low-density, APS-C sized senor, but Sigma's Foveon-based compact camera isn't exactly taking market share from anyone right now.

Pixel binning or downsizing a higher 10MP resolution image will help. When shooting outdoors or indoors with a flash, most casual users wouldn't be able to notice the extra noise from a well-exposed 10MP vs. 6MP picture--especially when printed at 5x7 or even 8x10.

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