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Nice hypothesis without empirical implication

I just don't get it, why do you still believe that the hypothesis of trading resolution for better SNR would be a feasible solution with real world results. Yes, there is sound mathematical basis for this, but unfortunately the assumption that increasing pixel count wouldn't hurt other properties of a CCD is simply incorrect or at best over optimistic.

Given a certain CCD technology generation, the lower pixel density is always better noise, DR and colour fidelity wise (some PD sensitivity can be sacrificed for better CFA). The reason for this is fill factor, both PD/charge well and microlens. The only thing where lower pixel density can not win is resolution, and that is just theoretical because diffraction alone is already the limiting factor for resolving power in P&S cameras. Not to mention excessive mush-o-matic NR needed to deal with the noisy signals.

Just some examples when comparing OLDER generation CCDs to NEWER generation devices. Guess how it would turn out if the lower density devices would be of same technology as the newer ones!

Sample A: 5MP 1/2.5" CCD upsized to 8MP
Sample B: 8MP 1/2.5" CCD Original size

Or like this:

12MP 1/1.7" CCD Original size

6MP 1/1.7" CCD upsized to 12MP


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