I Love The Canon 5DII

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Re: From Thom's Web Site...

Hans Giersberg wrote:

Hopefully it means "don't worry - come November, the
net is going to be buzzing over the latest Nikon announcement, and
nobody will remember the 5DII."

Why does everything have to be so divisive anymore? I've owned Nikon cameras and I've owned Canon cameras. Both have their strong points, IMO. I don't wish for either company to fail in the marketplace. Their competition is what makes things so interesting.

That said, I wish the 5DII was weather-sealed and had pro autofocus like the D700. Or that Canon had released another model with those features a little closer to their pro line. Maybe Nikon will release their high-resolution D3-style camera in November and a D700-ish prosumer followup a few months later. And as long as I'm tossing out maybes, maybe that will spur some more developments at Canon.

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