I Love The Canon 5DII

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Re: I Love The Canon 5DII

They can be found on the web. If they are trustworthy, i dunno, that's up to you.

But there are quite some ranges where nikon and canon have the same kind of lens and not unusual the nikon gets the thumps up against the canon lens. Canon has some lenses that nikon doesn't have though. There is still leica and leitz. I personally am not impressed with canon lenses.

I personally would go for leica, zeiss and top end nikon lenses, nothing to switch over for to canon.

As i said earlier, the 5d-II is only as new or good as the next new toy.

let's see how the canon new lens stacks up against leica and zeiss 24 mm lenses.

I know some photographers that use only the best lenses of a specific brand, so they are using top nikon lenses, leica and zeiss.

Does that leave any room for canon, i don't think so, personally.

As usual, use what you like, if you like canon, who am i to disagree. But on a personal bases, i don't see a need to switch to another camp.

If any, i would probably go for leica or zeiss instead of canon.

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