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NYC Photos wrote:

The trick is getting ones that cover accidential damage and even
theft, not just equipment failure.

I had trouble getting homeowner's insurance last year becase I had
put in a claim ten years ago for about $500 of camera equipment
stolen at the Seattle Zoo. Much better to have an entirely different
policy for these transportable, expensive electronics.

Many insurance companies have "floater policies" for equipment that run separately from the main policy.

Example: I use State Farm for renter's insurance. I have a main policy with a $500 deduct for general belongings if they're damaged or stolen, but I have floater policies for a couple of my camera - no deduct on those, and it covers everything from my dropping it, to theft, or even if the dog pees on it. The only thing it doesn't cover is a general failure due to manufacturer's defect (so a store warranty would be needed for that). They're cheap - I pay maybe $5 a month for coverage on two cameras + lenses.

Also note that if you buy a camera with an American Express card (and some other major cards), that they'll automatically give you a 1 year warranty extended, where they will reimburse you for camera repair charges if you ever need it during that time (ask your card company for details on if they offer it). No extra charge.

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