D90 not a USB drive?

Started Sep 18, 2008 | Discussions thread
Mark Bessey Regular Member • Posts: 296
YES, and no...

As it turns out, the D90 does not show up as a USB mass-storage device, so you won't see it as a drive that you can copy files directly to/from. It does show up as a PTP (picture transfer protocol) device. That means that most software that's designed to download digital images from a camera will work just fine with it.

On my Windows PC at work, the "Scanner and Camera Wizard" appears, just like it does for any other camera, and the import process looks and acts just the same. On the Mac I have at home, iPhoto and Adobe Bridge and Transfer NX are all able to transfer photos off the camera just fine.

So, if you're used to using the file browser tools on your OS to transfer individual files off of your camera, you might find this a limitation. On the other hand, if you're batch-transferring hundreds of files at a time, the software you already use will work just fine.

I don't know whether PTP is generally slower than copying files from a camera that appears as a mass-storage device, but of course, if you care about speed, you'd be using a dedicated card reader, anyway. Actually, I just did a quick comparison, and for 129 pictures downloading from a SanDisk Extreme II SD card, I didn't see any difference between the download times using PTP from the D90. versus using the card reader.

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