Canon have lost me . . .

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Re: Who should be blamed...

Truly, people need to educate themselves. Anyone relying on the media for an education is likely to end up in a very bad way.

Right now people buy based on pixels, and the reality is that for the vast majority of consumers who are email small images and/or printing 4x6s, there is no discernable difference between 6mp and 10mp. Those of us who are enlarging, cropping, etc, see the difference.

The industry could do itself a favor by consistently describing the size of the sensors. Who can initially tell which is bigger: Four-thirds or 1/2.3? What kind of nomenclature is that anyway?? You certainly don't see them describing LCD screen sizes that way because they really do want people to understand how big the screen is. They should do the same with sensors.

My two cents.

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