Should I sell my 1Ds mk2 for a new 5D mk2?

Started Sep 17, 2008 | Discussions thread
SFJP Senior Member • Posts: 1,677
No because ...

the 1DS II and the 5D II are not in the same league. The 5D II could be a good second camera when you want to go light (but without pop-up flash, you need an external flash and the lightweight and smaller form factor advantage is lost). Otherwise, IMO, the 1DS II is the perfect all purpose camera with good enough IQ for most needs and certainly much more reactive and more reliable than a consumer camera like the 5D or 5D II.

I will stick with my 1DS II, for years, and would have bought now the 5D II only if it had a pop-up flash, but as it is not the case I'll wait to have some useless money too waste before maybe buying one.

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