Canon have lost me . . .

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Re: same here

carmageddon wrote:

I'm not just disappointed with the g10 Sx1 thing, I can't really
understand what did they think to put HD video on the 5D and not on
the 50D or the 450D. Well, actually I know, and it's exactly why I
will buy the panasonic g1 or the latter one with video.

Canon EOS Love View
Excuse my so-so english

The SX1 specs aren't bad considering. The IQ will be the deciding factor for me. The G10 is another case....

Lack of video on the 50D is a mystery, given that they added the feature to the 5D MKII. Perhaps they weren't aware that video was coming on the D90. Regardless of one's point of view on video on DSLRs, I think it was a marketing blunder to omit the feature on the 50D.

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