Canon EOS 1D Mark II (good deal) ?

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Canon EOS 1D Mark II (good deal) ?

Hi guys,

I have some questions. I found an interesting offer for a used Canon EOS 1D Mark II. The camera is used but in a very solid state. Ca. 70.000 shutter releases. Price: 1400€ (= ca. 2000$).

I don't care about display size or size/weight. What about the output (I found some reviews, but all are from 2005, so they are not quite realistic anymore). What about the output (ISO 1600/3200) - is it at least on the 5D level ? I do a lot of night city shots etc.

My main interests: portraits, city (street shots ?), landscapes (I don't need the widest angle, 17mm = 22mm with the 17-40L lens should be fine), and I also have 2 quite fast dogs (malinois, retriever).

Initially, I wanted to buy the 5D, but - considering the 5D still costs about 1650€ new (ca. 2400$) or max. 1200-1300 used, I would rather want to pay the difference of ca. 600€ for the new 5D (the new 5D costs in Vienna ca. 2300€).

I like the build of this body very much (= waterproof), because I would like to use it for another 4-5 years.

My lens should be the 24-70L. 8MPix is not so much, but it's O.K., am I right ? Considering I won't make any posters or similar, 3264 × 2448 should be enought, right ?

I don't think the body is still in warranty (warranty in Europe is 2 years), is this a problem ? I have the possibility to test the camera and could replace the shutter (which is not so expensive), but can these camera simply totally fail later ?

Hope you can give me some ideas.

Thank You very much

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Martin Mintal
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