ACR non beta? When?

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Re: ACR non beta? When?

Jim Hess wrote:

Anthony.Ralph wrote:

Jim Hess wrote:

Those profiles require in-camera processing. Camera Raw does not
read that information. Profiles for vivid, etc. will be ignored by
camera raw.

But of course you can apply the profiles once in ACR...



One of us is confused, and I don't know which one. You were talking
about the profile that the image was "shot in". I interpreted that
to be one of the settings that you can choose on the camera. You
cannot apply that profile in ACR. You can only apply the profiles
created by Adobe or a profile that you create using the Profile
Editor. I thought you were talking about the settings that can be
made in the camera. And I was just pointing out that Camera Raw will
not read those settings. As far as it ACR is concerned those
settings don't exist, and will not be recognized in a raw image.
They are for shooting in JPEG mode only.

Hello Jim:

Neither of us is confused (I think), just coming at the point in different ways. I agree with you that the in-camera profile has to - logically enough - be applied 'in-camera whilst it creates the JPG and cannot be transferred into ACR if the image is in RAW. I wanted to reassure the OP that having taken a RAW image into ACR, by using the camera profiles supplied by Adobe, a fair approximation of a range of in-camera profiles could be replicated if desired.


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