MX format: not sitting right with me

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MX format: not sitting right with me

MX format not sitting right with me.

The assumption being that the MX sensor is a physically larger in area than an FX sensor and will require a new lens system.

It just seems a little surreal that Nikon would bust out an MX sensor on us with a new line of lenses right now. They've just barely refreshed their high-end with FX sensors. How would this impact their DX and FX lines? Will FX trickle down basically eliminating their DX sensor? I imagine D40-D60 area will remain DX for the foreseeable future as it just makes sense for that class (compact affordable lenses for the whole family).

I don't think that Nikon has done much in the MF and LF area besides a few lenses. It seems crazy that they would start now with MX camera bodies unless they expect to turn medium format into a high-volume market. In order to do that though, they would have to make them less expensive than the current MF offerings by a lot. That would seriously shake things up across the board.

Back when DX was king, full-frame was the 800 pound elephant in the room. We were running around with SLRs, using 35mm-format lenses but cropping down to the center 50% of the frame. FX is out now and DX is still preferable for some types of shooting and some types of shooters. What really is the motivation for MX? My guess is that it would be aimed far above my head and would not trickle down to "enthusiast" level for a couple years, if it ever got out of the studio.

Am I just currently having difficulty comprehending its usefulness?

I originally thought a full-frame sensor wasn't going to be for me either, but after switching from using my 17-55 to mostly primes and trying a d700, which is affordable, I changed my mind about FX. The same thing could happen with MX and/or LX in the future... that's right, LX! This could especially be the case if MX lenses were usable on FX bodies and I could slowly work my way up.

Maybe a lot of this suspicion stems from me recently switching up to FX and not wanting to even think about another sensor size (I won't for now regardless) and wanting nikon to focus on making FX lenses. : ) I'm actually cool with what I have and what is currently available for some time.

Anyone else think this smells a little bit like the claims of the iphone 3G having a front facing camera for video conferencing, fold out keyboard and charge itself via solar cells? Who's going to make this giant MX sensor for them anyway? We all know they are traditionally an optics company not a sensor company. Maybe its just a firmware update for the D3, which mechanically pops out the FX logo to reveal the MX logo below... haha


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