MX is 54mm x 54mm format!!

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MX is 54mm x 54mm format!!

I just did some math based on the below jpg.

Let's assuming the picture is not a fake.

FX (36mm x 24mm) crop is 4256 x 2832. (Same as D3.) MX resolution is 6380 x 6380, which would be 54mm x 54mm !!

Since the FX crop is the same as D3, this sensor most likely has the same sensitivity as D3, which is ISO 200 - 6400, with Lo1, Hi1 and Hi2.

This 54mm x 54mm sensor size is even bigger than Phase One P65+'s 53.9 mm x 40.4mm. (However, P65+'s resolution is higher at 8984 x 6732.)

(FYI, 120/220 film is having height/width of 56mm.)

IF the picture is not fake, this Nikon MX camera is really something BIG!!

Sorry if I missed the same math from others before. Just want to share some math.

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