The Lowering Quality of Photography

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Re: Why are we feeding this troll?

I don't like your pictures for the most part. I'm going to explain why so that you know what I'm looking at. I'm not trying to be mean to you; I'm trying to be honest and straightforward. I hope you can understand the difference. Also, I'll refrain from personal attacks. I just want you to know up front that I did not enjoy your work.

Picture #1: There’s just nothing going on here at all. It doesn’t tell us a story, it doesn’t have good lighting (even for a silhouette), the subject isn’t interesting. It’s just not a good representation of photography. This is pretty much what I’ve been talking about. I almost think you picked these pictures to be ironic.

Picture #2: Actually the best of the group. It does tell a story; but we’re not really sure what that story is. Whatever that big lump is, it would seem to be quite heavy. I probably would have photoshopped the bouy growing out the guy’s face and maybe added some blue sky with clouds for impact. Sometimes pictures need some help, this one sure does.

Picture #3: Terrible. She’s blurry. Are you sure you didn't pick these to be ironic?

Picture #4: I like quite a bit about this picture. The trees are interesting, the clouds are nice. It’s well-exposed. I would have preferred that you had stepped to the left about 2 feet so I could see the whole steeple, or even ten feet to get rid of that tree entirely as the one on the left is infinitely better.

Picture #5: Not good on so many levels. There’s no subject (unless it’s the sun or those trees, but why...). We can’t tell where we are. I guess it’s foggy, but it’s not a good fog picture.

Picture #6: It’s well-exposed, but so what. Why did you take a picture of a gas station?

There, you see; I've disagreed with you without any name-calling. I hope that you can learn from my example and be more polite in the future.

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