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Re: Noise is a technological challenge

Well, I understand technologies. But if we consider approx the same generation sensor with smaller pixels will have inherently more noise than sensor with larger pixels.

D3 is very good camera now. It allows me to shoot ISO 1600 and even 3200 without big problems. D2X was much more limited in this. Sure future cameras will be better although we do not know when some limits set by laws of physics will be reached.

point2 wrote:

Allow me to just say that we should not underestimate the role of
technical advances in dealing with the noise issue. Let me cite two
examples. First, clearly the pixel size of the D3 is considerably
SMALLER than the original 2.7MP D1, which was launced back in 1999.
But the D3's high ISO performance is way way better. Second, over in
the Canon camp, the high ISO performance of the FF 1Ds is universally
known to be very bad, despite its 11MP resolution. D3 with 12MP has
again way way better low light performance.

My point is: engineers are still learning ways to get better low
light performance from DSLRs. Therefore, while 24MP cams today may
not match the D3 in low light, I suspect it may not be very long
before the technology catches up.

I've heard some comment that all they need for the next 10-20 years
is a D3/D700. I am not so sure...

My 2 cents.

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