5DII no Auto-ISO in Manual?!

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Re: You HAve ISO priority

Well, for years I thought AUTO ISO was useless but than I discovered its merits, particularly in M mode. Imagine that you are taking pictures of a racing car and decide that a certain combination of shutter speed and aperture value works best best but available light is changing constantly. In Nikon's implementation of Auto ISO, you just set both values in M mode and Auto ISO takes care of te rest. It's neat and does not limit creativity. On the contrary. It is not a deal breaker, but Auto ISO is useful.

kinoshnik wrote:

Apperture/Shutter priority means that you SET the camera the
respective parameter and it computes the other one. Why all the
sudden automatic ISO has become ISO priority?

In fact setting ISO to the value you like and choosing a P mode is
the ISO priority mode you want - you tell camera the ISO and it
chooses the rest to fit.

Auto ISO in manual mode - I really can't think why would I badly need
it. If I metered the light and set the exposure the last thing I want
is for camera to play around with ISO.

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