I Love The Canon 5DII

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Re: I Love The Canon 5DII

Do not think so. Not all users will be angry.

I have D3 now and it is nearly perfect in his class - fast, low noise Hi-ISO shooter with decent resolution. Perfect workhorse for sports shooter or journalist. Or anybody else who need a camera which is built like a tank.

D700 I perceive like a D3 Light Edition. Nearly the same features in lighter and less robust body. The main feature - Hi-ISO performance is the same.

Higher resolution camera obviously will have slower frame rate and lower usable ISO range. For lot of people it will be camera of choice but for many people Hi-ISO performance is more important. Not everybody needs lot of pixels, too.

Rickard Hansson wrote:

If nikon puts out an D700 with more pixels, then the 12Mpx D700 will
be obsolete directly and a lot of Nikon users will be very angry
becuase they bought the D700 just a few months ago.

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