I Love The Canon 5DII

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...that we'll spend MORE money...

to ME seems that Nikon left Sony to go against Canon for the "MP Battle"... in the mean time they (Nikon) released products with the highest IQ (D3 D700) and are preparing something following the same philosophy: "for IQ, bigger is better" (referring to photosites physical dimensions). With the D3/D700 they've chosen "only" 12MPixels for IQ reasons, NOT because they were not able to put more megapixels in their sensors. But they're aware of that for some photographic applications megapixels are important so in my opinion will see something BIGger.

The point is: with the new lens releases for full frame, Nikon introduced some very capable glass in terms of resolution; the same 200/2 VR seems to be designed for "other" sensors given its incredibly high resolving power. So the real question is: will we be able to re-use those lenses on the new "BIG" body? Will "BIG" mean "compatible" also? Or (2nd) we'll be forced to jump ship again (or add to our bags other different glass)? Reading Thom's editorial "Thick Skin" it seems the 2nd...



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