I Love The Canon 5DII

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Re: I Love The Canon 5DII

My archive volume is still less than 500 gigs now and storing is not a great problem. I have two internal disks in my computer, the secondary is just for file storage and I have two external disks with full copy of the internal data disk, and one of these two external disks is stored in different and fairly secure location outside my home.

Yamil R. Sued wrote:
It's not the drive man!!

Think about this like a Pro!!

I have to store files in three different places!! i can have 10 TB f
storage in my house, if it burns down, I'm screwed!!! I have to
start storing files at Two different storage facilities! But then,
when my clients need the 21MP Files, i'll get one, but I'm not going
to buy one to impress anyone!! Or for bragging rights!! My bragging
rights are my images and all the covers I have shot!!

Adam Filipowicz wrote:

woop de do.. a 1tb Hard drive is cheap
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