I Love The Canon 5DII

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Re: Cool specs on the 5D MKII but

Lindsayhunter wrote:

I am wondering if all this development will help confuse people into
switching back and forth between the brands. Hell, I know it makes ME
want to. Mind you, wanting and doing are different things but I love
the quality of the movie mode.

Don't like the ONE CF card though but I have always liked the Canon
lens lineup better.

Question, I saw the sample videos and this may be a dumb question but
they ARE scaled down for the web, right?

HD is 1080 pixels wide, right?

Are they only looking good 'cause they're scaled down or should they
be equally good looking on a HD tv at the proper viewing distance?


They should look good at full resolution, which is 1920x1080. Remember that even at that resolution it is scaled down a lot compared to the 21 MP the sensor can offer.

I agree with the original poster that the 5D mkII is great news for Nikonians as well.

I love my D700 and wouldn't dream about switching, and we have Canon to thank for the D700 being as impressive as it is

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