The Lowering Quality of Photography

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clearly you would

however a more appropriate one, if we wish to stick with the food theme started by Joe, is that you're eating a dish you're not paying for, while loudly proclaiming its rubbish and that your restaurant is much better. But won't tell anyone the name of your restaurant and get defensive when asked.

On a technical level joe is correct- you are, of course, entitled to your opinion. But playing the critic and being surprised then people ask to see your credentials is at best naiive, more likely disingenuous.

Given that you have several times stated words to the effect of "...I am surprised that good photographers do not agree with me.." makes me suspect the former, you possibly don't realise how patronising that sounds, but it also has a touch of hypocrisy. You want debate, but attempt to stifle it by labelling those who do not agree as the "opposite of good" photographers.

That's my opinon.


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