Jill Greenberg's McCain Photo...Ethical???

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Re: What a laugh!

This is way to easy.

The only principals, if you can call them principles, she apears to care about are the principles of "me, me, me!". Isn't that the same woman who made toddlers cry just so she could make an anti Bush statement? Her cowardly and deceitful actions toward her client and her victim, both of whom trusted her as a professional, speak volumes about her utter lack of any sort of principles or even common decency.

From here on, anyone who hires a pro and has seen or heard of her disgusting lack of professionalism and principles will be looked upon with jaded eyes for quite some time to come. If you don't think this is having an effect on clients and the photogs they hire then you're fooling yourself.

I don't find her actions refreshing at all. It's merely another sickening example of just how low some people will stoop and how little common decency and professional behavior means to some people.
Shame on her.

Maurice Smith wrote:

kober wrote:

Clearly, she has no principles to stick by. To bad for professional
photographers who will have to deal with this mess.

This type of statement has to be worse than all the defending or
denouncing of the whole issue. OK, so I will play along.

Please offer me a list of professional photographers that will have
to "deal with this mess". I will accept official statements by said
photographers stating they are having to "deal with this mess", links
to web blogs addressing the "dealing with this mess" by said
photographers, Youtube videos, podcasts, telegrams, even messages
written on toilet paper by said photographers having to "deal with
this mess". Heck I will even give you a year to do it. Find me one
official statement in the next year that a professional photographer
states specifically he/she is personally having to "deal with mess"
specifically related to what Ms. Greenberg did. I doubt you can.

It is Ms. Greenberg's "mess" and she is the one who will have to deal
with it. Comments such as these really don't help promote your view.

Oh yeah, also, she has principles to stick by... she stuck by them...
that is why she did what she did. She just doesn't have the same
principles you might. Imagine that, someone who does think or act
like someone else. Refreshing.


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