I Love The Canon 5DII

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Re: I Love The Canon 5DII

Hans Giersberg wrote:

No, I'm not going to switch to Canon any time soon (I'm too invested
in Nikon lenses, plus I just prefer Nikon cameras), but the 5DII is
an impressive addition to the marketplace. I love the fact that it'll
hold Nikon's feet to the fire

Sheesh. MP arent the answer. Nikon has the advantage as
far as glass goes - and the glass has a lot more to offer in
the final exposure than MP - please consider the superior
resolving power of Nikkor lenses. The tonality that my
D3/D700's produce are far beyond what I've seen out of
current canon camp.

The new 5D is slow (FPS) compared to the D700, which
would be the direct competitor, although I dont consider
the 5D to be a true competitor - check the specs. And for
me, the ergonomics of Nikons are far superior to what
canon has to offer.

The D3/D700 has a better focusing system - the canon
AF system is on-par with their 40D and 50D - I don't know
about anyone else, but you can have it - and I suspect the
D3/D700 has superior high ISO performance.

If you need more MP, add MF to your arsenal. MPs are
not the be-all answer.

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