Rangefinder revival. Just a thought.

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Rangefinder all-in-one mute ... as per Tom Hogan.

This is continuation of my previous post above.
Pls, read Tom Hogan's text from his main site:
15 Sept ...

"The real question all the camera companies are dealing with is how things will eventually settle out for serious cameras. It's looking more and more like the low-end (e.g., the consumer-driven volume business) will slide towards all-in-one (video and still) EVIL APS cameras instead of traditional DLSRs. This puts Canon, Panasonic, Sony, and perhaps Samsung in strong positions to win large unit volume shares. Historically, Nikon has not done well at true consumer cameras, so it will be a real challenge for them to hold onto the substantive gains they made with the D70/D50/D70s/D80/D40/D40x/D60/D90 progression. For serious still photography it's looking more and more like the old film market: solid FX DSLRs and MF cameras are the answer. That leaves tweener products like the Nikon D90 somewhat endangered long-term, I think. Certainly not this year or next. But long-term those products become either the new "entry level serious" or go away completely. "

I do agree, except that new technology mentioned above could easily bring 4/3 or APS size chips with better light sensitivity and better resolution to small range finder format cameras, allowing smaller HQ lower cost lenses instead of expensive big guns.

It already exists for in space applications, but it will end up for comercial business as Velcro and Teflon did.

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