The new 5d is amazing (and comments on AF complaints)

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Re: Not sure I understand your point

The video component is irrelevant. If the camera were going to cost
4 grand I would say, yea, that is a seriously bad move because it's a
feature that, in all honesty, has no place in an SLR. However, lets
pretend the video isn't in the camera: it's still an incredible deal
for what you get.

The video may** seem irrelevant now but who knows in 6 months or a year it may be the "must have" feature. I'm sure live view was seen as irrelevant (and indeed is still to me) but as a wedding photographer I can see huge benefits to having HD video in the same camera as my stills. I can do video clips switch to stills and back again. All with the SAME device. I don't need to carry a video cam with me for the few minutes of video I may want to take. I'm convinced this will be the future with video & stills being combined.


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